LED Advantages


  • LEDs provide the efficiency to create a “green system.”
  • The lighting efficiency of the new high power LED lamps is more than eight times that of incandescent bulbs, and twice as high as compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Energy use compared to traditional methods is reduced on average by 75% with LEDs, and in some cases, up to 90%.
  • LED bulbs emit a much higher percentage of light in the desired direction, making them even more efficient when used for task lighting, spotlights, flood lights, or track lighting.


  • LED lamps last longer than any other light sources: up to 100,000 hours, which equates to about 20 years of regular usage.
  • A single LED bulb costs less than the multiple number of other bulbs they replace. The long life reduces the time, effort, and cost of replacement.
  • The longevity of LED systems is the answer to save money on maintenance and protect against fixture failure.

Heat Benefits

  • Heat is the enemy of lighting fixtures, and the main cause of maintenance issues. Excess heat causes burnout of circuits and lamps, destroys wiring connections, and compromises fixture structure and therefore performance.
  • LED lamps generate virtually no heat. With LEDs, less heat means no damage.
  • Incandescent light however, is highly inefficient, as approximately 98% of the energy input is emitted as heat. While the heat generated by a fluorescent lamp is much less than its incandescent counterpart, energy is still lost in generating the ultraviolet light and converting this light into visible light.
  • The energy savings may be doubled in air-conditioned environments where each watt of incandescent lighting can add another watt or more to the power needed for air conditioning.


  • LED lamps, by operating at much lower temperatures, are safer. Halogen and incandescent fixtures function at an extremely high temperature, and can potentially cause fires.
  • Fluorescent lights contain mercury and must be treated as hazardous waste. LED lighting contains no mercury or other dangerous substances.
  • The high reliability of LED lights increases safety and security.

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